Do You Have a Plan For Your Child's School This Fall?

Would you consider a family education system that is God centered, half academic, and half agriculture?

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16 Stones Academy has designed an online educational system for the whole family that includes the following:

“What we believe about God is what shapes what we believe about everything else.”

~ Theology 101 Course from Hillsdale College 

God Centered

God, Through Jesus, Teaches us How to Become Like Him

  • God takes us by the hand and shows us His creations, His patterns, His systems and gently guide us with questions.
  • He  sparks our curiosity and invites us to ask questions.
  • He gives us real answers, helps us think, and make connections that lead us to His plan and helps us become the gods we were sent here to become.
  • 16 Stones Academy feels lead to teach with God Centered learning.

Character Building

At 16 Stones Academy we apply "God Centered" by teaching the Character of God.

Joseph Smith in The Lectures on Faith states, "Let us here observe, that three things are necessary, in order that any rational and intelligent being may exercise faith in God, unto life and salvation: 

  • "First, the idea that He actually exists. 
  • "Second, a correct idea of His character, perfections and attributes. 
  • "Third, an actual knowledge that the course of life which He is pursuing, is according to His will."

We will focus on learning the character, perfections, and attributes of God so we can attain them ourselves and become like Him.

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Temple Based

God Teaches Us Through Patterns and Symbols

The most important pattern God has given us is the patterns we find in the temple. Temples are not just beautiful structures in which to get married and make covenants -- they are the Universities of God!! 

God is very open with His curriculum, He only asks for us to have eyes to see it and a desire to know it. The pattern God uses to teach His prophets and disciples both in ancient and modern times is the pattern for our curriculum. Christ taught this pattern, as “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Christ invites us to join Him on the way or path God created. He guides us to truth and more truth and into exaltation or eternal life. 

Biblical Tabernacle

 Virtues Training

At 16 Stones Academy we apply Temple Based education by teaching principles of character known as virtues.

The four categories of virtues we will focus on are:

  1. Seeker of Righteousness
  2. Builder of His Kingdom
  3. Defender of Truth
  4. Gatherer of Believers / Nations

Armor of God

Our curriculum is infused with intrinsic virtues, values, and principles to support every member of our academy in learning to govern themselves.

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Family Focused

God Teaches Us In Families!

God established the home as the best environment to become like Him. Ideally, what is being taught in the family  is relationships, cooking, organizing, teamwork, hostessing, nursing, outdoorsmanship, cleaning, repairing, etc. etc.

Why did we take away academic learning from the family?

We believe we CAN learn ALL subjects as a family. Let's prove it together!!

Has the Family Given It's Power Away?

As the world rushes into this new age of knowledge, we have perhaps unknowingly handed the power of learning over to our schools and our study of God over to our churches. In general, we have become a society that waits to be told what to think, what to believe, and, ultimately, how to act.

We believe that in this great nation WE still have the right and power to believe, to study, to worship, and to act according to the dictates of our own conscience. We have built 16 Stones Academy based upon 16 principles of giving that “conscience” back to the family. 

We want the moms to be moms, the dads to be dads and the children just to be children. We want to let that hope thrive again inside the family, which is the most perfect unit for human beings. We believe the family to be ordained of God. We believe that Happiness in family life is to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We invite you to join us as we do our part in restoring that conscience, faith, hope, and stability back to the family.

Life Skills

In theory, the ideal is that we, and our families, are prepared for anything. But the reality is we are most likely woefully unequipped to handle all the curve-balls life throws our way. Despite all of the labor saving devices we have in this modern day of miraculous technology, we still live on the razor's edge of preparedness. The principle of preparedness is not only for Mum's and Dad's, but for the entire family, no matter your structure. 

In balance with our incredible academic curriculum, we include a plethora of opportunities to teach Life Skills through our vast network of skilled and clever associates, staff, and specialists. 

Below are just a few of the important Life Skills we feel  are desperately needed to be learned in families one very special bonus skill that we have almost long forgotten. 

Housekeeping Skills

How to Cook … Something
Basic Sewing
Home Repairs 101
How to Unclog a Toilet or Sink
How to Use Kitchen Appliances

Survival Skills

How to Keep Yourself Safe
Emergency Preparedness
Basic First Aid
How to Survive Without Electricity
How to Read a Map
Car Repair 101, including How to Fix a Flat Tire
How to Write a Resume & Cover Letter

Technical Skills

How to Use a Calendar & Schedule
How to Write
Public Speaking
Effective Communication
How to Research (Using Something Other than Google and Wikipedia)

Money Management Skills

How to Budget
How to Avoid/Get Out of Debt
How to Make a Major Purchase
Balancing your bank account
How to Use Coupons
How to Organize Financial Records
Money Management/Investing
How to Select a Tax Professional
Effective Negotiation
Calculate a Tip

Self-Awareness Skills

Understanding Your Calling, Purpose & Mission
How to Prioritize and What Your Priorities Are
Understanding and Choosing Your Values
How to Focus
How to Have a Sense of Humor
Basic Etiquette
Basic Civics/How to Vote


Relationship Skills

Listening & Communication in a Partnership
Valuing & Expressing Respect
Valuing & Expressing Love
How to Accept Compliments & Criticism
Emotional Intelligence
How to Write Thank You Messages


Wellness & Mental Health Skills

Critical Thinking + Problem Solving
Synthesizing (Having Adaptability)
Self-Discipline: Exercise & Nutrition
Self Care: Sleep & Hygiene



animal systems
earth resources
waste systems
understanding water
earth works
human nutrition
natural building
trees and their energy transactions
climatic factors
design principle
renewable energy
dry-land strategies
natural pattern understanding


And the Bonus Number One Life Skill: How to Find Joy

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16 Stones Academy, Reviving Family Learning

Learning together as a family has always been the plan. We feel called to restore this plan. When God asked the people of Jared to go to a promised land in tight barges, Mahonri Moriancumer had three questions for God. 

What about breathing?
What about light, being able to see?
What about steering?

God gave him the solution to the first and told him he’d have to trust Him with the third. The second, he asked him to come up with a solution within certain guidelines. Mahonri went about figuring out what to do, he asked his family for help. He came up with a wonderful solution of having God touch 16 stones. Sometimes God asks us to do the work, ponder, gather family, fast, study things out, etc. We chose the name of our Academy as 16 Stones to help us remember God requires us to ask questions, consult our family, and to do the work required to accomplish the task He is asking us to do.

We invite and encourage the parents of each student to attend class with their child. 

Families learn better together.

Don't Wait School Starts September 8th!

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