2021-22 School Year Course List

Learn more about the courses we are offering for this next school year. 

School Year Theme

Academic Classes

Ancient History

Explore the history is God's relationship with mankind. God has always been consistent in his teachings throughout His story. We are going to focus on His dealings with the descendants of the Hebrews. We will learn about their governmental systems and how it applies to our modern constitutional law. Learn about the influence of the Biblical Tabernacle throughout history from Adam down to the Jews and discover God's hand in their lives.

Geography of Asia & Africa

We will be learning how to draw and label mathematical, physical, and political maps of Asia and Africa. We will learn about the flora and the fauna in these two continents. We will focus on the people of Israel, their language, government, religion, currency, etc.

Literature With A Hebrew Twist

Literature is learning about relationships with letters, books, dramas, poetry and classics. Good literature sings within us, we rejoice at how words form pictures and events within our minds. It leads us to understanding our own world and gives us hope for our future. Scripture is the highest form of literature on the earth. We will be reading together, The Hiding Place, Psalms 23, Where I Belong, etc. with an ancient history setting. 

Origins of Language

One of the gifts God gave Adam and Eve was language - he taught them to read and to write. They used this gift to teach their children about God and his plan (the Book of Remembrance) and to keep a record of their posterity (the Book of Generations). Righteous men after Adam continued to use this language to keep records and to teach from them. They were eventually handed down to Noah who brought them with him on the arc.
Everyone spoke the same language until they rebelled against God and built the tower of Babel at which time He divided the languages. We will learn the Cuneiform of these original languages and how they became the languages of today. Plus, discover the different branches of language: orthography (sounds), etymology (words), syntax (sentences), prosody (poetry), prose (speech), and composition (complete works) each within the scriptures and the books we read. You will also learn the joy of writing well. 


God is omniscient - knowing all science or truth. Man has broken up this knowledge into sciences and continues to break them, and they focus on theory and ideas and not Natural Law. God uses all sciences together - think about the Creation - he used all of them. We are all scientists seeking truth - we are Omnologists, studying all science together. In this course, we begin at the creation and discover all sciences coming and working together. We will focus on the importance of water in the creation. Then we will learn about the Clovis or Adamite people and how they used specific rock and great technology. We will learn about the animals at that time and how the flood killed most of the plants and all the animals - except for the ones Noah was called to save. We will use the Old Testament as our textbook, with the Universal Model. Abraham was taught many science truths from Enoch. The year will end with learning about what he taught the Egyptians and end with Euclidian Geometry and the Natural Laws he discovered.


Math is the language God used to create the Universe. Math is the language of all sciences. Satan has separated math and made it independent of all other subjects. He has taken the beauty out of math and made it only about computations, measuring, time etc. God intended it to be intertwined in all things. In this class, we will learn the language of numbers. We will take a walk through the numbers 1 through 12 and discover this forgotten language. We will also have a lot of opportunity for practical math, for example - math in binary language of computers; math in changing a tire; math in cooking, etc.

Ancient Art

Art is a visual record of "His" story; God is the master artist. Beauty is an attribute of God, just look at different flowers or the sunset. We will discuss and experience each of the elements of Art: color, value, space, shape, texture, and line and liken them to our lives. The Old Testament talks about the working and the craftsmanship of using stone and wood to create beautiful furniture. In like fashion we will be designing, creating, and building journal benches around the Ranch and the six different types of furniture found in the Biblical Tabernacle. We will also discover and learn the ancient artifact left by the Adamite or Clovis people and attempt to make a Clovis point and other ancient artifacts as well as just have fun creating in using all types of mediums. We will also study the art work of the ancient world, Mesopotamia, Persian, Israeli, Egyptians, Etruscans, Ottomans, and Greeks.

Music of the Old Testament

Music along with Math is a language of Go. We use music to praise God, to pray, as a light that guides us home, but, as with everything, Satan has its counterfeit and uses music to destroy, confuse, and teach evil. In this class we will learn about the Principles of Music: Melody, Harmony, Rhythm and what Michael Ballam calls Love. For high quality of music, we must have all four.

As we study the Old Testament and the Hebrew culture, we will experience all the elements of music: singing, ancient instruments, music theory, movement, Hebrew dance, performance, and applying the principles of music. We will listen to what music may have sounded like to the Israelites. We will focus on how the book of Psalms was used as hymns at the temple, in praise, at home, etc. We will also study King David as a musician and songwriter, and other musicians that have used the Old Testament as their inspiration. 

Elective Classes

Culinary Arts: Cooking from Farm to Table

Welcome to the world of culinary Arts. In this class, you will be going over everything that is food preparation for your family and for the public. Lindsay Germer will teach you everything from food safety and sanitation all the way to cooking with chocolate. There won’t be a dull moment in this class. Whether you’re a beginner cook or an advanced chef, this class will teach you things you’ve never learned before about cooking. See you in class.

Basic Hebrew Language

Do you want to learn to read Hebrew? Would you like to better understand Hebrew words in the scriptures? Then this class is for you. By the end of the semester, you should be able to read the 100 most often used words in the Bible. Plus, know how to read, write, and learn the beautiful symbolism of the Hebrew language.

Reading and Horse Riding

Readers and Leaders is a beloved class developed by Resha. Learn to read by riding horses. Yes, that’s right. Resha combines reading skills and horsemanship lessons to help students lead themselves into a great education. We focus on building confidence as we lead ponies and practice being the leader of the horse. We focus on practicing reading skills as we learn activities with the horses. As will all classes in this school, the lessons plans will be built around the needs of the students inside the class. Can’t wait to see you there. Not offered online

Christ's Story in the Constellations

The sky is another very logical place to write the story of Christ. But, of course, Satan didn't like that, so he spent many years trying to erase the pages of the sky. Miraculously, we have discovered ancient records and are piecing this story back together. In this class, we will learn basic astronomy and astrophysics, plus, how God uses the stars to teach us about His Son Jesus Christ from our current point of view: Earth.

Individual Online Classes

Purchase online individual classes at Called to Learn website. Click below for more information. 

Language of the Scriptures

Our culture has taught us to not ask questions. When we were young we are filled with questions, it is a natural process of life. But our leaders give us cliché or round answers, which stop us from asking questions. God can’t guide us if we don’t turn on the engine of our minds by asking questions. When we ponder the answers to those questions we are moving and God CAN and will guide and lead you to the answers. In this class you will learn key words to look for when studying, the importance of a vocabulary list, sentence structures in the scriptures, how to diagram (not the same as we did in school) sentences, and analyzing complete works and parables.

Symbolism in the Hebrew Aleph Bet

Learn how to speak common phrases in modern Hebrew. Each of the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew Alpha Bet have their own number, meaning, name, story, all from the lens of the Restored Gospel. In this class we will go through each letter and learn it's symbolism and story. Then we will put the letters together and learn Hebrew symbolism for different biblical words. Check out the poetry written in Psalms 119 about each letter in the Hebrew Aleph Bet.

Hebrew Language 2.0

This class is for those of you who know the Aleph Bet, sounds, vowel markings, and common words. This class will be broken up into 4 categories:

1- Reading Hebrew, 

2- Interpreting Hebrew, 

3- Speaking Hebrew, 

4- Writing Hebrew 

You will know how to carry on a conversation about many common topics. 

Know Your Religion 

Every Thursday morning we meet to study the scriptures. This is an ongoing class that studies different scriptural topics. We enjoy going deep into one subject. This year we will study faith. We will begin our study with the book, "Lectures on Faith" written by those who attended the "School of the Prophets," led by Joseph Smith. Everyone has a voice and input into what we are studying. This is a great way to meet with like-minded Saints. It is a safe place to ask hard questions and explore answers together. Join in the discussion, listen in, or watch the recordings, all are welcome.

Intuitive Teaching

Become the confident teacher your kids need. This class is just for the parents who are struggling with helping instill skills, morals and values into their children's lives. This is mentoring to help you use your intuition to guide your family's learning.  It's time to clear away the doubt, and choose to believe in your power to teach your own. Starting January 2022