Light Your Family

Establishing an environment where God can bring light to each family vessel.

Our Mission

We feel called to help in the work of returning the power of the family to the family. We believe that our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother have created earthly families as the most perfecting organization for our learning and exaltation. 16 Stones Academy has created its curriculum from the scriptures, modern day revelation, natural law, and the biblical tabernacle. It is our goal to help fathers become fathers again; mothers to be mothers again and children to just be children.

Our Story

We have our individual parts that contribute to the 16 Stones story. Collectively, our story is fueled with the singular desire to teach our children and families the values and principles that are fast eroding in our culture and society. The love of God and Country are now so derided that those who still stand for goodness, kindness, and the American way do so in silence. Our right to pursue happiness, joy, and freedom has been all but cancelled. The ideal of community and family has been supplanted with the individualism of "I" and "me."

Lindsay, Resha, and Tresta know now more than ever that the paths of their lives have been intricately linked for this one purpose. To build a place of learning for not only students, but for families...ours and yours.

Our Academy will teach you math while changing a tire. It will teach you science through studying the Old Testament. You will learn language while hiking in the mountains. There are 16 principles we have infused in our curriculum of dozens of classes that have been developed over two decades. Our teachers are skilled and highly qualified and have one common core desire, to return the power of the father to the father, the power of the mother to the mother and for children to be children. 

We invite you and your family to be a part of our story.

Our Purpose

Gospel Centered 

We promote Gospel Centered Education and point everything to the partnership we have with God. We teach, discuss and encourage participation in making Covenants with God and partaking in the ordinances His prophets have revealed to us from the time of Adam to this Fullness of Times. 

We believe in education that is patterned after the manner in which God has set out in the scriptures, including the Biblical Tabernacle, meaning, line upon line and precept upon precept in one Eternal round.

Family Focused

God established the home as the best environment to become like Him. What is being taught in the family, ideally,  is relationships, cooking, organizing, teamwork, hostessing, nursing, outdoorsmanship, cleaning, repairing, etc. etc.

Why did we take way academic learning from the family? 

We believe we CAN learn ALL subjects as a family. Let's prove it together!!

Temple Based

The most important pattern God has given us is the patterns we find in the temple. Temples are not just beautiful structure in which to get married and make covenants -- they are the universities of God!! Is there any wonder he is dotting the earth with them? (Maybe they are closed right now to help us become hungry to learn, or to turn to the scripture where everything taught in the temple is found).

Life Skills

In theory, the ideal is that we, and our families, are prepared for anything. But the reality is we are most likely woefully unequipped to handle all the curve-balls life throws our way. Despite all of the labor saving devices we have in this modern day of miraculous technology, we still live on the razor's edge of preparedness. This is not a principle for Mum's and Dad's. This is a principle for the entire family, no matter your structure. 

In balance with our incredible academic curriculum, we include a plethora of opportunities to teach Life Skills through our vast network of skilled and clever associates, staff and specialists. 

Below are a list of a few life skills we will be teaching at this school.

Housekeeping Skills

How to Cook … Something

Basic Sewing

Home Repairs 101

How to Unclog a Toilet or Sink

How to Use Kitchen Appliances

Survival Skills

How to Keep Yourself Safe

Emergency Preparedness

Basic First Aid

How to Survive Without Electricity

How to Read a Map

Car Repair 101, including How to Fix a Flat Tire

How to Write a Resume & Cover Letter

Technical Skills

How to Use a Calendar & Schedule
How to Write
Public Speaking
Effective Communication
How to Research (Using Something Other than Google and Wikipedia)

Money Management Skills

 How to Budget

How to Avoid/Get Out of Debt

How to Make a Major Purchase

Balancing your bank account

How to Use Coupons

How to Organize Financial Records

Money Management/Investing

How to Select a Tax Professional

Effective Negotiation

Calculate a Tip

Self-Awareness Skills

Understanding Your Calling, Purpose & Mission

How to Prioritize and What Your Priorities Are

Understanding and Choosing Your Values

How to Focus

How to Have a Sense of Humor

Basic Etiquette

Basic Civics/How to Vote

Relationship Skills

Listening & Communication in a Partnership

Valuing & Expressing Respect

Valuing & Expressing Love

How to Accept Compliments & Criticism

Emotional Intelligence

How to Write Thank You Messages


Wellness & Mental Health Skills

 Critical Thinking + Problem Solving

Synthesizing (Having Adaptability)

Self-Discipline: Exercise & Nutrition

Self Care: Sleep & Hygiene





And the Bonus Number One Life Skill: How to Find Joy

Interested in more? 

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